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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

4 Week Golden Moon Shadow Working 

Immersion Coaching

Work with Lauren one-on-one..

Hello Wild Ones,

I don't know if you have felt the changes or not since the beginning of 2019, but we are in the midst of HUGE shifts for both the greater collective, as well as individuals.

As the year has progressed, we have all faced bigger and more complex situations that require change, release, and a new way of being. 

I have created a simple 4 week immersion package to help you get extremely clear on WHAT is shifting, as well as help you locate the deeper storyline, name the trauma, process it with you, begin the healing process and then bring mundane tasks to help you get clear on what/how to step into your new sense: empowered and confident. 

Here is what the 4 sessions will look like:

Session 1: 90 minutes of Intuitive Life Coaching, Natal and Transitory Chart Reading, Tarot, Enneagram, Values assessment, and Storyline Navigation.

*You will receive  an email packet to complete before the first session, which will be your responsibility to complete before the start date.**


We will locate the the issues that need to be worked through and plot out a plan for the next three weeks.

Session 2,3, & 4: 60 minutes using many of the tools that I have, as well as your shadow and awareness to get clear on next steps,  mindset strategies, ritual, and various embodied modalities to heal. 

Some of these modalities might look like:

*Mindset Coaching


*Sacred Somatics: Sensing/Naming/Releasing

*Ritual Crafting

*Guided Shamanic Meditation

*Physical life changes: diet, exercise, breath work

*Dream Interpretation


*Personal Journaling Practice

*and more.

By the end of the 4 weeks, the client should feel clear on where she/he/they are going and have access to a deeper understanding of themselves, their soul path, and tools to help them move forward as a healthy, focused interdependent individual. 

This person may decide to add on more weeks of coaching if they so choose, such as my 6 and/or 12 week life coaching programs coming back in November 2019. 

Client must agree to a consistent coaching schedule due to travel on my end, its best if we can book all 4 sessions at once, but not a deal breaker. 

All sessions are done via ZOOM online webinar, and are recorded and sent to the client afterwards with focused step-by-step weekly homework as well as a 30+ page Natal Chart Report (Worth $100+ alone).

Investment is $555

may pay half $277.50 upfront/ 277.50 two weeks later. 

Here is your link to purchase