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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

The Deconstruction Coaching program is a program that is deeply specific to seeking Christians.


The ones that can no longer makes sense of the old patriarchal boxed in ways Evangelical Christianity, and are seeking a more intuitive, flow-based, mystical approach to following Jesus.

Essentially, This is an introduction to Christian Mysticism, but with a lot of translation between worlds of thought and belief as well as Spiritual Trauma support. 


Deconstruction is simply defined as the systematic approach of examining your beliefs and why you believe them in the first place. As a person who has first-hand experienced a complete Tower-esc Deconstruction out of Evangelical Christianity and Dark Night of the Soul. I feel very qualified to walk this specific client through The Deconstruction process by being the support I needed in my transition. 


We will follow a specific step by step program and add in weekly discussion and group support.


This program is pretty much tailored to the needs of the client and the links that the client needs.


The most basic offering is 6 weeks, for baseline work. The option to add on for more weeks for longer-term coaching and correspondence is available at a heavily discounted price of 50% off if added it to the program when it’s current.

6 Week Online Course will be Released 2020

see The Mystic and Mundane School for details.