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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Mabon Golden Shadow Promo

Sept  13-22nd

The Golden Shadow Session

Esoteric Astrology and Tarot 

Hello Wild One, 

I am so excited you are wanting to catch one of my Mabon Promotion priced Golden Shadow Readings! I only have 10 spots and they fill pretty quicky so grab yours now to secure your spot, and read below to get all the details.

Blessed Mabon//Autumn Equinox Wilds.

I am thrilled to have you here checking out my work. I am so grateful to be on this journey we call life with you as we weave both the mystic and mundane into our experiences. 

I work with people from all spiritual paths and walks of life, there I work very hard to create lots of clarification, boundaries, and security for both my clients and myself when I work. 

I am an Estoteric/Archetypal Astrologer and practice Transpersonal and Evolutionary based Astrology and Tarot. In essence, this means I am not a fortune teller, nor do I strive to be one. I tend to think of myself more as like an energetic weather girl.. my focus is not on predicting your future, but instead to read the energy of your chart and cards, then propose wise tools and practical steps to move forward.


As a shadow worker, that might also mean we have to go backwards to name the stories that try to claim our futures.. but it's never meant to stay in the old or the fear. Instead, we work together to name it and heal it to move forward with confidence and grace.

Should you want more specifics or a clearer read on who I am and what I'm about, please check out the About Me Tab and My Spiritual Path and Service Tab. 

What you can expect in the reading: 

The Readings are 90 minutes packed full of information that will honestly blow your socks off. I use astrology to help you pin point old storylines and dive deep into your psyche and shadows. The reading is held on the ZOOM Webinar Platform and its amazing! You will see my face and hear my voice, as well as see your chart. I will see you you and hear you too. Its a fantastic platform truly as it lets me record the session for you to view forever. Just make sure you save your reading to your device after it is sent to you. 


I will move through your "big three" sun, moon, rising, and then through all 12 houses as well as the planetary energy and current transits. I work very hard create clear direction and guidance with the information that you chose to share and desire to know about your path. Again, I am not a fortune teller. I don't predict deaths or lotteries- my goal is to get you clear on what you need to focus on to move forward in your life with clarity and confidence. 

What you receive  with your investment:

90 Minute Natal Chart and Tarot/Oracle card reading

Shadow Work based Intuitive Life Coaching 

Ritual suggestions

Meditation and Mindfulness practices

Channeled Messages

30+ page of Natal Chart Report sent to your email

90 min Video Recording sent to your inbox 

Investment is $150 and total cost CAN be rolled into my 4 Week Life Coaching Program if decided upon before the end of the reading. 

Purchase and schedule here via Calendly- my booking software. If you have an emergency or don't see a time that works for you, click the contact tab and ask me about it. 

**ALL my First Time Clients must select the Golden Shadow Session FIRST to begin working with me personally.  

Please see my coaching programs for more long term support in the areas of life transitions, shadow work, somatic therapies, and life coaching. 

*** please note that it is the clients responsibility to know their time of birth/location- all readings will be based on the clients information and if a new read is required due to previous incorrect information,  that is the responsibility of the client. Thank you. ***