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patreon platform

Hello Wild Ones, 

Welcome to my Patreon page!! Supporting me via Patreon helps cover the costs of my software, programs, personal education, certifications  and time investment as well as  everyday living expenses that help me support my boys- as well as its really great energetic exchange. I am so grateful to have your support- it means the world to me.

As a supporter of my Patreon you can expect consistent monthly magick that will uplift your spirit, direct your energy well, and educate you on your path towards alchemical/transformative growth: both spirituality and physically. Depending on the tier you chose, you will receive energetic/astrological insights, tarot and journal prompts, as well as mindfulness practices to encourage internal alchemy and ritual, yoga, meditations, and practical tips to encourage the embodiment of the external alchemical process.