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Dream Catcher Spiritual Entrepreneur Coaching 


Ideal client knows what they want to do in terms of business, but not how to create/manifest  it into form.

This offering is specific for clients that have their big idea, but need help creating structure, goals, next steps, and an outline to manifesting their dream career/profession. OR For the ones with the side hustle, that want to turn it MAIN HUSTLE.

This is an 8 hour offering working with Lauren one on one with very specific and strategic time management and outcome goals, followed up with 2 additional correspondence sessions to make sure you feel supported and in line with your direction.

You will leave the session knowing exactly what steps you need to take how to leverage social media for your business, basic financial projections, clarity and direction.

*Remember this offering it is for those that already know the general direction of what they want to do and offer in service to the world through profession.

**For clients that Don’t  know what they want to do:


this offering is slightly different, because it takes time and intention to get clear on what it is you’re trying to birth out into the professional world. Please see Dream catcher manifestation coaching below. 

Total 10-12 hours 


Program may need to be tailored to fit clients individual needs. Prices subject to change January 2019.














 This offering happens over 4 weeks totaling 16-20 hours of work.


The first session will be solely on natal chart reading and getting clear on dream profession direction. 


Client may have a sense of what lights them up but,  isn’t clear how to make an income doing it quite yet. The goal is to have clarity and confidence Not only in your dream profession, but also in your next steps and how to do it.

Session 2 and 3 will be making plans and directions towards developing your own program and how to make money doing it.  See DREAM WEAVER ABOVE FOR SPECIFICS.

Program also includes manifestation work, guided meditation, aroma-release and subconscious block removal.

We  will be setting clear lines of direction, blueprint work, and getting clear on how to launch it out into the world.

Two 60 min Zoom correspondence sessions to discuss progress and address concerns and next steps.

Dream Catcher Manifestation Program $1,500

Program may need to be tailored to fit clients individual needs. Prices subject to change January 2019.



DREAM Program


This program is a life-changing long-term program.


Ideal clients would be someone who does not feel fulfilled in there current job or professional field of work that is wanting to transition into a more heart centered business. 


This will become my option for those that want to learn how to develop Heart centered intuitive practices is similar to my own.

Clients would be seeking to not only grow their spiritual entrepreneurship, but also self growth to get in alignment to pull their Dharma, Sacred Work Through into the world.

This is an intense 16 Week Program harnessing Lauren's self-growth work modalities combined with intuitive and channeled support and wisdom to get your business up and moving with success. 

If you are interested in this program click the box below to schedule  a 15 min consult.