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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Online Community


ReWilding Church, formerly known as The Mystic and Mundane is a group of Spiritual Mystics, Seekers, Witches, and Healers...

This group exists to be a safe haven and support for those moving through spiritual deconstruction (especially Evangelical Christianity).


In my effort to ReWild The Church, I created this community to give a voice to those in service of the new age of "Church" and spirituality in the age of Deconstruction and a safe space to exist. My theory is that WE are "The Church," our living bodies are sacred Temples, that nature is "Church" and so is the intersection of the two. 

In this community, You will see and experience many people experiencing "faith" many different ways.. some deeply mystical experiential, some not.. some will be deeply diving into Dark Night of the Soul.. some will be reconstructing their faith or lack of.. 

The thing that connects this group however, is a deep love and longing for connection to others and whatever version of God, Goddess, Mystery, or the void of those in general.

ReWilding is a concept that means we're going back in time and space to a place where things were more wild and instinctual.. when things like communing with nature and each other were still considered sacred and holy. 

whatever your path looks like, please know that you are welcome here. 

I will say however that due to the mystical and witchy nature of this group, deep diving into theology might not always be best served here. We aren't against it- its just that we don't hold to the belief that it has to be one way... if you need to deep dive into theology I strongly suggest joining more theologically driven communities like The Liturgists, or see the files in the tabs for more ideas. 

We are so happy to have you there. 

The Church Witch and ReWilding Church Community.

If you are looking for a safe, interactive online community this is the group for you! Click the picture above to join us.