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60 MIN $75

I tried to tell y’all...Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio was going to be like the ghost of Christmas past, emptying out the skeletons in the closet, facing your deepest fears, shining a spot light on your shadows, and extreme emotions..


It has been all of that for me and most of those I know and love and it hasn’t slowed up yet.. as a Scorpio/Pluto native.. I must say I live for this shit... lol.

If you are trying to navigate your skeletons and shadows.. trying to make sense of it and need some support might I suggest my MCRX promo- it’s 45min for only $50 dollars.


You can add an additional 15 min on for $75 if you’d like but that’s up to you 

You will Get the skinny on whats going down for you during Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 10/31-11/20 until the open clearing 12/7.


Find the major lunar themes, release points, strategy, support and purpose during this time using astrology, tarot, oracle, intuition, mindfulness, sacred embodiment, and life coaching modalities.

Time 45 min: $50 or 60min for $75

This offering is best suited for those who’s charts I've read previously.. or if you have access to your natal chart and know it relatively well- that way we can stay predominantly focused on the changes at hand vs trying to understand your whole natal chart too in only 45min.

This offering will be super focused and directional in terms of what the themes are for you in this transit and where to take back your power, in true Scorpio fashion.

click the link to grab your spot




The Church Witch
 📸 @indg0

Good until 12/1