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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

People do tend to wonder a bit about who I am and what I'm about so I will tell you a little :)


I am an Alchemical Life Coach steeped in spiritual mysticism and the esoteric arts in-service to liberate myself and others. Esoteric in essence means hard to seek and/or find the hidden truths and mysteries.


Esoteric Astrology and Tarot are practices that came from ancient mystery schools like are steeped in topics such as Alchemy and Shadow Work. I personally use these modalities to uncover hidden parts of your own shadow and subconscious mind. I know that when people hear tarot they think satan worship and summoning demons, but thats absolutely NOT the type of tarot practice I have, nor is that the typical goal or approach to modern mysticism and tarot reading. Those are quite outdated uses and understandings of tarot- I just see it as an incredible psychological tool. 


My personal goal to use the archetypes found within the Arcana to uncover what is hidden or hard to understand within your psyche, as well as access the collective consciousness and unconscious. Archetypal Astrology and Tarot are two practices are incredibly helpful and practical ways to crack open the subconscious mind and past conditioning to reprogram the psyche, so you can begin to live a life of co-creation instead of running it off old programming from early childhood.


like I said before, I am not a fortune teller- more like an energetic weather girl haha, and I don't mess with dark magic or dark energy. I serve the light and my guides will help me recognize that real quick. I believe that from darkness came light, and as an alchemist my great hope is to always help my client transmute the perceived  darkness into light and/or integrate the shadow within safely and thoughtfully. 


Ideal clients would be those seeking to understand their subconscious mind and do deep seated reprogramming for abundance, life purpose alignment, and overall since of health and direction. 


First Time must select the Golden Shadow Session option, which is approximately 90 min of Introductory Shadow Work, 60 Min Natal Chart Reading, 20 Card Celtic Cross Spread.


All readings are run off an online webinar format called ZOOM Webinar, if you want to schedule in person it could be possible- but you need to reach out and confirm- it also might be subject to an up charge. 


Please click the box to schedule- see you there!!


Please click contact to discuss or email themysticandmundane@gmail.com


First time Investment is $150 

Returning clients are $100 per hour. 


see my coaching programs for longer term support.