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Lilith and The Church: TAKE YOUR POWER BACK NOW

Black Moon Lilith moving into 0° Aries this week got me like.... 🖤

The more that I get away from evangelical Christianity the more aware that I become that the establishment of The Western Evangelical Church has in fact become “the Devil” Archetype, or shadow.

The devil archetype in tarot is not actually a red horned evil entity “prowling around like a hungry lion,” it’s actually about being bound and oppressed by something you LET take hold of you.

In the tarot card, the lovers are actually chained, but by their legs- not their hands. They can actually get free at point and unchain themselves, but essentially feel too bound and afraid to do so.

People ask me all the time what I mean when I say the The Church Witch, and tbh I’m playing around with releasing that name possibly idk everything is up in the air energetically right now- BUT, what my point is, or my mission rather: is to show you that YOU ARE THE CHURCH.

And you are a part of nature- therefore you and nature and spirit are ONE - dancing with all these other ONES- trying to learn how to get free from the stories we’ve been told and the lies we’ve been sold about being bad, or unholy or broken.

You are actually whole, and perfect and your heart is good- it’s so fucking good. Unfortunately though establishments like western church have sold us lies, for they know not what they do either.

The Shadow is a part of our psyche termed by Psychotherapist Carl Jung- and represents the parts of ourselves we suppress consciously orUnconsciously to be accepted or fit in. We cut away psychic parts of ourselves to be a part of the group- and that’s actually “the devil.”

The Evangelical Church has become the biggest Shadow that I know of- I’d say it would be US government, but thanks to our president becoming the biggest shadow working mirror in decades- we have to look to the roots. When people are afraid they make choices out of fear- and that actually isn’t love.

The God of the universe, and the way I was taught- the GOD of Christianity is a God of radical love- and wouldn’t cut away parts of you because it believes You are in fact It’s perfect beloved. The idea that we need to suppress and alter and change to be holy is a man made concept and shadow builder aka THE DEVIL.

It’s time to say enough of that toxic shit. You are enough. And too much. And wild and holy and everything and nothing at once. You’re a miracle and we need you cracked open and honest because the world is in transition tight now. We need people to wake up and honor the earth and spirit and self in whatever way needs to happen.

We need FREEDOM. And if I may quote of my favorite old worship songs that I still jam out every once in a while (worship music is super fast energy building for spell work btw haha ) “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.”

Black Moon Lilith says TAKE BACK YOUR POWER NOW- and she is a fierce Dark Goddess who will literally burn down her world to get FREE. Be mindful of this energy and see if you can work to untie the knot of bullshit one as a time vs cut through the center and burn it all down- but hey- I mean it might be necessary.

Aries says I AM- it’s authentic, self driven, powerful and independent. It wants to take control and be the leader- recognize that BML is now within a 2° orb of Chiron the Wounded Healer. Your freedom To be in your power could come at the cost of wounding. Be mindful- all this information is, is an offering of consciousness and mindful actions following.

Please know that I’m about to drop 10 spots for my 90min Golden Shadow Natal Reading offering and then some shifts are going to start to happen as I continue to streamline my work as I pivot towards more teaching this spring/summer and writing my book.

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Big Love

The Church Witch