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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Spiritual Alchemy & Tarot 101Recorded Class


Join Esoteric Priestess and Spritual Alchemist Lauren Burba for a 2 hour workshop on Tarot 101 and Shadow Work.


You will recieve a recording, a workbook with information and spread layout ideas. 

Have you been peeking around looking at all my mystical posts, possibly interested in starting your own Tarot Practice... JOIN ME!
I work with witches, mystics, healers, seekers, and even those fellow #churchwitchrising folks that realize that they love Jesus, BUT are totally mystics haha.. healing people, seeing spirits, knowing shit before it happens.. yeah you're a witch haha.. its not a bad thing.. just saying..
ANYWAYS, I want to extend to you my basics class:


*What is Spiritual Alchemy?
*what are the alchemical elements?
*What are Archetypes and The Hero’s Journey?
*What does Esoteric Mean?
*How to use and take care of your tarot cards, set protection, etc
*This class is pretty specific for beginners seeking to use Tarot for Shadow Work and as a psychological tool mainly. NO we wont summon demons or make sacrifices haha, but we will work on creating questions that dig to the core of your subconscious/shadow self in order to heal. From Darkness came Light yo... lets do this.

The Church Witch


Self Investment $25 

please save files to your device upon recieving them, they are NOT to be shared with anyone other than yourself. Thanks for supporting my small business by doing so. You don't want that Karma any ways.


email files will be sent with 48hrs of purchase to the email listed at time of purchase- thank you!!


the church witch