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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Understanding Your Big 3 Astrology Workshop WASHINGTON STATE


Understanding your BIG 3 Astrology Workshop


Thursday Feb 6th 7-9pm

Location: Yoga Garden 602 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: (360) 607-3315

Guide: Lauren Wilde

Investment $44


Lauren Wilde 500 CYT, Professional Astrologer, ReWilding Circle Instructor, and Teacher/Owner of Modern Mystery School The Mystic & Mundane: WILD & EMBODIED SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY.


Most people know their sun sign, the day you were born- but often I hear people say they don't relate to their sun sign very often- and thats because your sun can be anywhere in your natal chart and you could be more closely aligned with your rising sign (habitual nature and mask) and/or moon (emotions). 


Learn the basic structure of the Housing system and your big 3 aspects, as well as how they make up your most personal form of personality.


This class requires you to have your natal chart, which you could get for free on the CO-STAR astrology app, or at cafeastrology.com before the class begins. Please bring a screen shot or copy of your chart to the class. 


If you have never had your chart read before the class: I suggest grabbing one of the Natal Chart Reading Specials here: 


Dress comfortably, bring your creature comforts, pen, and journal, as well as a copy of your natal chart. 


see you there. 


Lauren Wilde