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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Work With me 

You can find Lauren at online via ZOOM, her main form of connection or at either her home office in Yellow Springs, OH- which is for private events or previously scheduled personal work.

Lauren brings a mixture of deep intuitive knowledge and inquiry as well as practical tools and direction to help you move towards your goals and purpose.  

What you can expect in the readings: 

The Readings RANGE from 30-90 minutes packed full of information that will honestly blow your socks off. I use astrology to help you pin point old storylines and dive deep into your psyche and shadows. The reading is held on the ZOOM Webinar Platform and its amazing! You will see my face and hear my voice, as well as see your chart. I will see you you and hear you too. Its a fantastic platform truly as it lets me record the session for you to view forever. Just make sure you save your reading to your device after it is sent to you. 

Listed below are descriptions of some of her offerings and price points. 

Please contact her personally through the contact tab for more information or collaboration possibilities. Her average hourly rate is $100/hr.

Click on buttons below for info and prices