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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

Alchemical Life Coaching 

Hello seeker soul and welcome to my coaching page.


Here you will find all the information that you should help you make an educated and intuitive decision about working with me.


First I will tell you what kind of coaching that I do, and don’t do. If you would like get a deeper sense of who I am, go to the ABOUT ME and look at my BIO, STORY, AND SPIRITUAL PATH.


I am an Alchemical Life Coach steeped in spiritual mysticism and the esoteric arts in-service to liberate myself and others. I am very tied to path of Christian Mysticism and the Divine Feminine approach to it known as The Sophia Path or The Universal Christ. In essence I believe there is something/one/mystery out there that has a plan and intention for humanity, I just don't need defined lines of organized religion. I am perfectly fine with being in love and service to its mystery and love. 

I will tell you right up front I am not a fortune teller and I don't mess with dark magic or dark energy. I serve the light and my guides will help me recognize that real quick. I believe that from darkness came light and that is always my goal and approach. 

I may work closely with Dark Goddess Lilith, but the goal is never to STAY in darkness, instead to learn from her journey with the underworld and transmute it to GOLD or LIGHT. I believe her archetypal energy  is meant for SEASONS for the purpose of liberation and freedom, not forever. 


Mystic Approach.


The goal with my clients is help them get clear on their life purpose, otherwise known as their personal legend by using methods I have pioneered over time through coaching and teaching such as intuitive channeling, and esoteric tools such as Archetypal/Esoteric Natal Astrology, Tarot, Meditation and Re-Wilding Practices for subconscious work, not necessarily divination. 


Depending on program the client has chosen, I will also bring in intuitive channeling, Sacred Release Healing, Manifestation work, and holistic health practices such as nutrition coaching, yoga, supplements and essential oils.

Mundane Approach.

And last but definitely not least, Mundane practices such as routine, rhythms, and schedules.

The Mundane aspects are just as important as the Mystical aspects, and I work closely with clients to pinpoint weak boundaries, patterns of codependency, and low self esteem issues that may run generations and/or lifetimes deep. 


My goal is to ultimately teach clients how to develop a strong sense of intuition, have healthy boundaries and a strong sense of who they are so they can live a life aligned with their divine purpose confidently.

Through these Mystical and Mundane Coaching and Mentorship Program's, I help people get on track to becoming the highest and most authentic version of themselves. 

There are quite a few ways that you can work with me, you could always come to one of my retreat’s, workshops, through YouTube or other social media channels, or would you could work with me one on one. It’s very dependent on the level of precision and personal needs. That will help you decide which route to go 


First I need to explain what alchemy is… Ancient alchemy is typically explained as Chinese scientist's trying to learn how to turn bass metal such as lead into gold. Spiritual alchemy is, (which is what I practice) is basically transformative shadow work.


Shadow work is the systematic approach of digging deep into your subconscious fears,  suppressed thoughts, percieved darkness, hidden emotions, and traumas and moving them into golden light through introspection, dream work, mentorship, and esoteric tools such as tarot and astrology.


Alchemy in essence is transformation, however us alchemist's like to use the word transmutation, which again just means taking the lower self version of you and moving you into your highest self and potential. Many of these practices were pioneered by  renowned Psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and has been expanded upon over the last 60 years.


What we're looking to do is begin the Alchemical Process known as The Path of Individuation. 

What happens on this journey is dependent on each persons level of drive and personal path. 


There are many different routes in which we can do this you can see my coaching choices below and depending upon the level of work that is needed, we could work together to put together a program that works for you  For you  and your own personal goals and needs. 


Basic 4 Week Mentorship Program


My four week mentorship program is really for people who aren’t really wanting to dig in to everything, they are just seeking…they are looking for a price cut deal to schedule a 1hr read when shit hits the fan, or when they feel pulled that way. 


Ideal Clients will have either worked with me previously and want to continue checking in with their charts as they may be going through a big transitional  periods and need SOME support, but aren’t wanting the whole sha-bang OR a new client wanting to jump in, but not fully quite yet. 


Clients would want to get more clear on who they are and what they came onto this earth to do, but feel confident they can move through their work more independently.

My four week mentorship program is done virtually through an online webinar platform called Zoom, and it is 4.5 hours of  Shadow work based mentorship spread out through 4 online sessions.


The first session is 90 minutes long, the other 3 are 60 minutes long.


This is almost exclusively done through Natal Astrology, Tarot, and Manifestation work. 


Level of intensity is about 5 out of 10.

Investment $555

Can be spilt into 2 payments of $275.50

Contact if you are desiring to have it done in person. 


6 Week Alchemical Coaching Program 


My six week program, consists more of life coaching, Which means it has more of the aspect of coaching and "hand-holding."


Ideal client is definitely trying to work through life changes with a desire for more intentional support. My job would be assisting the client in deep shadow work with the desire to shift many aspects of their lives rather quickly, known as a vibrational shift. Client could be going though a Uranus transit or Saturn Return. 

This coaching package consist of Natal Astrology, weekly Tarot and natal chart check in readings, manifestation work, inner child work, boundary work, authenticity work, Reiki channeling, Aroma-Release, Meditation, weekly check-in’s, and overall Life Coaching support. 

Clients have access to email me two times a week for more consistent and ongoing support through their shadow work.

Program Outline:

Week 1: General intake and 2 hour consult for natal chart and goal setting. 

week 2-4 Shadow Work and appropriate methods for growth. 60min 

Week 5: Healing Week: going in shamanic line/path working 

Weeks 6: Energetic Clearing: Transition to Goals, clearing and aligning energetically. Close out program. 

Approximately 8-10 hours one-on-one coaching and 1 email a week 

Level of intensity is about a 7 out of 10.

These clients Also get a discounted price towards sacred release bodywork, upcoming retreats, and workshops. 

They will also have specific privileges to their program that will be it listed at a later date.

If you are ready to work towards your highest potential in the most authentic way, Lauren's Shadow Work Based Life Coaching Program are the thing you've been seeking. 

Investment is $1,200

Can be split into 4 payments




** this program is not available currently due to creating the 300 hr Teacher Training Program for 2020**

This is the most detailed and intense and life changing program that I offer currently.


Ideal clients would be people that are desperately seeking a change in their life all the way down to the cellular level. Client would have very unclear sense of who they are and what their purpose is. 


They would be seeking a sense of who they are, they might have left a previous relationship or be dealing with deep seated trauma and emotional pain.

This program has very specific goals and outcomes and a very detailed/intricate plan and all offerings on the table option. 


Clients would speak to me on a weekly basis and have very specific weekly goals and rhythms for specific outcomes tailored to their program.

Client can expect an absolute transformational shift both vibrationally and physically over the 12 week period all the way down to the cellular level. 

This is by far the most detailed and in-depth offering that Lauren Burba Mystic has and completely believes in the method in which she has developed. If you are interested in this program please reach out and schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

(937)-750-1922 or see contact tab 

**This is also the first part of Lauren’s DREAM CATCHER Business Coaching Program, and can be attached to create a 6 month program. 


Schedule a consultation if you would like more details, and go to the Dream Catcher Coaching tab for more details on those offerings.

**All clients will also receive an aromatherapy roll-on based on your personal work, a crystal, your natal chart, and/or tarot spread, as well as rights to recording your sessions. **