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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane


Hello Wilds, 

I am so excited to have you here... I recognize that I tend to attract a lot of  newbies to the world of woo so if you consider yourself as one of these people welcome, stay a while:

*Deconstructing Christians 

*Spiritual Seekers- those that are being called out on to a new spiritual path

*Initiates of the Wild Feminine Priestess Path 

*Baby Witches

*Mystics, Shamans, Healers, and more... 

Regardless if you choose to label yourself within an archetype of spiritual energy/path or not, you are welcome here. 

I remember when Spirit called me out of Evangelical Christianity and I was completely terrified and had no idea what I was doing or where I was going..my hope is that I can atleast provide a safe landing spot and some thoughtful direction for you on your path.. 

you belong here..

I offer many different "medicines" to help each individual grow, but the main way that you will experience my work is within the Coach or Teacher Archetype. 

What I mean by that is I work with a client one-on-on in a coaching dynamic OR you will experience me as Teacher Lauren, in a class or group dynamic. 

Right off the bat, I always have new students start with my Golden Shadow Reading- this is where I will read your natal chart and actually get to know you. Here is the link on where to really start interacting with me










All that being said, here are some ways you can work with me:

One-on-One Readings

Group Work 

School (coming spring 2020)

One on One Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching 

As an intuitive life coach i use various modalities to help each client  find a way into their own internal landscape, thereby creating a starting point towards healing and transmutation: aka Alchemy.


I use various Esoteric Tools Astrology, Tarot, Enneagram, Shadow Work, Channeling as well various Eastern Spirituality Practices as well.


My Life Coaching Programs that range in 4 Week immersions and 12 week programs. I am  only accepting clients in my 4 week immersion program as I am currently writing a book and my 300 hr Wild & Embodied Spiritual Alchemy Program to release in 2020. 


Various Ways I bring through the Alchemical Teaching dynamic are as such:

My Online Coven Wild Hearts Alchemy Coven 

only $22 a month and its full of ways to dive in deeply to your wild sacred practice.

*My monthly New Moon ReWilding Ritual Circle

1x in person House of AUM

*Monthly Workshops

Either via Teaching within an In-person container, such as House of AUM or a previously scheduled location or Online in a Live or Video Format. 

*Online Mystery School: Wild Hearts Alchemy School of Awakened Arts

Creating this platform currently**

Yoga & Meditation:

I teach each Saturday Morning 11am-12:15pm Mystic Movement at House of AUM in Yellow Springs, OH 


I lead 4 rounds of ReWilding the Heart of the Feminine Retreat in Yellow Springs, OH, Vancouver Washington and I am looking to book travel dates in 2020. if you are interested in booking me please contact me here 


Even though I am a mama and spiritual entrepreneur I'm also a woman of service and ministry. check out my Wild Service Projects tab to connect into my online facebook community, podcasts, and youtube channel.




As a wild woman witch, I tend to structure my business and activity around the Pagan Wheel of The Year: 

Winter: I abide within my home mainly as well as rest and write to prepare for the birth of my new work in spring. 

Spring: At about Imbolc (Feb 1) I am ready to start birthing out my new content I started to weave during Winter. I will start to list my travel dates and teaching events. 

Summer: This is my Retreat and Travel Time of the year. 

This is where you will see the most of my creative and fresh work and in person events. 

Fall: This is where I will begin to scale back commitments, declutter, and refine my work over the past 6-8 months. I will start tying up loose ends and begin pulling back from heavy public and externalized forms of work. This is when I tend to take on the most Life Coaching Clients and creating Evergreen style workshops to add to my online school.

I tend to follow this schedule pretty well- as it serves this witch wonderfully. 

I hope this helps direct you around my site.

Big love, 

Lauren Wilde

The Church Witch 

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