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©2018 by The Mystic And Mundane

lauren wilde washington offerings

Feburary 6th-10th at Yoga Garden, Battleground, Washington


Contact Liz 360-607-3315 .  www.yogagardennw.com

Using a combination of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, somatic release modalities, astrology, and various ReWilding practices, Instructor Lauren Wilde will guide you on your journey toward self-awareness, sacred embodiment, ancestral healing, and soul level authenticity.

Some of the things you'll learn in Lauren's Offerings:

  • Yoga & Pranayama
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Astrology & Inner Oracle
  • Esoteric Shadow Work

  • Various Intuition Practices

  • Self Discovery Modalities

  • Sacred Embodiment

  • Aromatherapy & Crystals

wild & embodied vinyasa yoga 

Thursday 2/6


Drop in fee $15

Join Instructor Lauren Wilde for a blend of Vinyasa based Asana (posture) yoga, aromatherapy, primal movement, pranayama breathwork, reiki infused adjustments, aromatherapy, and guided shamanic meditations. Student will leave feeling aligned, balanced, clear, and calm.


Drop in fee- register through MindBody @ www.yogagardennw.com


This class is open to all genders, sexual identities, bodies, and belief systems. 

Understanding your big three: sun/moon/rising astrology workshop

Thursday Feb 6th 


Self Investment



Lauren Wilde 500 CYT, Professional Astrologer, ReWilding Circle Instructor, and Teacher/Owner of Modern Mystery School The Mystic & Mundane: WILD & EMBODIED SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY.


Most people know their sun sign, the day you were born- but often I hear people say they don't relate to their sun sign very often- and thats because your sun can be anywhere in your natal chart and you could be more closely aligned with your rising sign (habitual nature and mask) and/or moon (emotions). 


Learn the basic structure of the Housing system and your big 3 aspects, as well as how they make up your most personal form of personality.


This class requires you to have your natal chart, which you could get for free on the CO-STAR astrology app, or at cafeastrology.com before the class begins. Please bring a screen shot or copy of your chart to the class. 


If you have never had your chart read before the class: I suggest grabbing one of the Natal Chart Reading Specials here: 


Dress comfortably, bring your creature comforts, pen, and journal, as well as a copy of your natal chart. 


see you there. 

leo full moon/imbolc rewilding & RITUAL circle

Saturday Feb 8th 10:30am-1:30pm

Location: Yoga Garden 602 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: (360) 607-3315

Guide: Lauren Wilde

Investment $55


Lauren Wilde 500 CYT, Professional Astrologer, ReWilding Circle Instructor, and Teacher/Owner of Modern Mystery School The Mystic & Mundane: WILD & EMBODIED SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY.


Join us for a fun and informative ritual/moon rewilding circle to celebrate the RISING of oursleves after the long dark winter, as well as return of the SUN! 


Imbolc also called Brigid's Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring. It is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Its all about celebrating the coming of spring, creativity and renewed positive energy! In this experience we will go over what Winter has held for us as well as discuss THE FULL MOON IN FIREY LEO later that evening. We will use this fire energy to work on self love, rising stories and positive growth!


We will discuss all things FIRE energy related and talk about the axis of AQUARIUS AND LEO as well as do a WILDCRAFT for IMBOLC you will be able to take home later. 


This will be a fun, uplifting and positive circle! 


Bring a copy of or screen shot of your natal chart with you I will provide a good understanding of where this energy is happening for you as well as how to move through it.


This workshop will include:

A centering and grounding guided visualization with Aromatherapy

Oracle and Astrological update with Professional Astrologer Lauren Wilde

Space holding and heart-centered sharing within a safe container.

A reading for your sign, explaining the significance of the New Moon for you.

Altar suggestions for the lunar cycle.

A detailed exploration of the astrology of the lunar cycle from the new moon to full moon and how to use it mindfully.

A ReWilding Ritual Intention setting and releasing focused on the leo full moon/imbolc

Embodied Spiritual Alchemy


What to bring:

A journal and pen

Your Deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards

An open heart to receive whatever comes forward for you

Your natal chart (if desired) on your phone is fine too!

Whatever makes you feel comfortable: shaw, blanket, crystals, aromatherapy, etc.

Washington Moon Melt 3hr Wild & Embodied Alchemy Experience


Aromatherapy, somatic release, shamanic path working, divination, journaling, meditation 




Feb 8th 3:30-6:30pm 

Yoga Garden 602 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: (360) 607-3315

Guide: Lauren Wilde


CYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Professional Astrologer, Level 2 Reiki, Somatic Release Healer, and ReWilding Circle Instructor Lauren Wilde at MOON MELT held in person at House of AUM.


Through a combination of both vinyasa and restorative yoga, guided meditation, aromatherapy, somatic release, astrology, shamanic path working, divination, and journaling- Instructor Lauren Wilde will guide you through a 2 hour experience/soul journey toward self- realization, ancestral healing, and a deeper sense of wholeness.


In this experience, Lauren will weave together her knowledge of the stars, the emotional body, and earth medicine for a beautiful alchemical experience. This specific offering is not a workshop, It’s an experience open to all levels of seekers that will create a container for each being to feel held, supported, safe, and loved while connecting to both your own sacredness and as well as your ancestors and guides.


Dress comfortably- yoga attire and bring warm socks and possibly a shaw for when we go in on the journey. Bring any sacred items and especially your journal and pen. 


Self Investment $55

there are package prices as well: $150 total for all 4 offerings in the shop

wild washington golden

shadow reading promotion

Take advantage of Professional Astrologer and Intuitive Life Coach Lauren Wilde's most popular one on one service: The Golden Shadow Session.


This is a 90 minute video recorded live webinar where Lauren will go through your natal chart, introduce you to shadow work, and provide various intuitive  channeled messages as well as provide clear directional advice to help you move forward confidently in your life path with purpose. Learn more about this service here

Its typically $150 but is discounted to only $100